Words with Writers Podcast

Episode #5: Writers Helping Writers

September 19, 2020

This month’s episode of Words with Writers Podcast features not just one, but two new members reading from their work, Ellen Marie Francisco and Renee Sgroi. These wonderful writers are followed by an in-depth conversation with Canadian Authors—Toronto Co-Presidents Jeannie F. Garrard and Lee Parpart. Join hosts Chris Gorman and Brandi Tanner for this enlightening discussion of what Canadian Authors—Toronto can offer you! Follow Ellen Marie Francisco at ellenmariefrancisco.com. Follow Renee Sgroi at reneemsgroi.com. Follow Jeannie F. Garrard at jfgarrard.com. Follow Lee Parpart at leeparpart.com. Follow Canadian Authors-Toronto at canadianauthors.org.

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